The Melodic Jukebox

Live on Twitch Weekdays (when we aren’t working) Between 1pm and 5pm (UK Time)

The Melodic Jukebox is a creation to allow our viewers to select the music that we play.

A list of music appears on screen, and you can select tracks from that using channel points. They are then added to our list, and we aim to work through those selections, throughout our show.

Our collection ranges from 118bpm to 124bpm, and we open that lower tempo end of our collection up to our viewers! The Melodic Jukebox is in your hand.

We then aim to do our best to mix those tracks together (with some interesting results at times).

Using Channel Points

We request all viewers use channel points to select music, as when the chat gets busy, we will miss some selections.

There are a range of channel point options.

  • Jukebox Selection – 100 points – Adds your selection to our list but does not guarantee it will be played, unplayed tracks will be refunded. We may decide not to play a track as it doesn’t fit the current vibe, or there is a technical issue with the track.
  • Spin the Wheel – This allows you to request more tracks on the list, and we spin through the list, to display more music for you to pick from.
  • Jukebox – Exclusive Pick – Using this option guarantees your track will be played, even if it doesn’t fit the current vibe. We don’t advise it for other listeners ears, but if you really want it, select this option.

Our Collection

Mac Neil has 2 decades of knowledge of the Dance Scene, and this is reflected in our collection. However if there is a track you never see, and you think it has to be in there, be sure to send us a whisper on twitch, and we will try and add it in.

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