Vibe Boss

Our new show, which will feature on our daytime Twitch streams. Allowing viewers to take control of our stream whilst still using the Jukebox set-up, that viewers have come to love.

What is the Vibe Boss?

As the VB you can use the channel point option to switch from Trance to House, take the tempo up, or tempo down!

How do you become the Vibe Boss?

By Donating, giving Bits, Subs, and follows, taking down the health of the VB. Shown in the top left of the screen on Twitch.

Gift Subs will also give the VB role to whoever you gift the sub to! This adds another unexpected twist, but may mean the new VB is not on the channel at the time. So play carefully with those gift subs.

House or Trance? Tempo up or down. You decide!

We have our jukebox running during these streams, displaying tracks on screen, use the command !list for a bigger view.

If you select House, or Trance, we switch our available list to music in those genres, and then if you want the tempo to go up, DJ Mac Neil will bring the tempo up or down as you decide.

Please use the channel point option called “Vibe Boss” so Mac Neil can spot your selection, if chat gets busy.

You are in control

Streaming for us involves you at the centre! So whether its you picking a Track from the available list, or becoming the Vibe Boss, we focus on allowing you to take our streams in the direction you want, with some control to stop things going crazy from Mac Neil.

If you have any questions, please let Mac Neil know live in chat, and he will try and answer!

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