Welcome to Trance Alliance

Trance Alliance has and will always be a gateway to the music of a generation. If you want to find the best the net has to offer in Trance and Electronic Dance Music, you just need to head over to our community and get involved. We like to share music via MixCloud and YouTube and allow our community to discuss all they want on the subject of dance music and in particular the genre of Trance.

Trance Alliance History

Trance Alliance had a dream, to allow anyone to be able to listen to the music they love, anywhere, and for free. We started by helping people download mp3 singles for free on our own fast servers, then came legal mp3 stores, so we turned our attention to DJ mixes. We created a discussion board of 25,000 electronic dance music fans to chat, and some of the biggest DJs on the world scene were talking about us, including Markus Schulz and Armin Van Burren. We allowed our community to share Dj mixes of the latest club, radio show and festival events, so millions could keep up with the latest trends in EDM. Then came the era of Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube. This signified the end of what we had set out to achieve, and we feel we played a vital part in helping music become free and accessible to all. We are proud of the part our website played in the history of Electronic Dance Music, and this page now stands as the legacy of this. We now use Twitch and Discord to keep our community up to date with the best ways to access the music we love, and we invite you to help with that aim.

Aims & Objectives

Our Aim: Allow anyone from any background access dance music

Our Mission: TranceAlliance has and always will promote the need for free music for all. For to long, the music industry pushed mass-produced rubbish at us. We wanted to promote the very best of underground music, and have helped it into the mainstream. Now the industry has changed, music is once again for the passionate created by the passionate, and we will support them by turning up to their shows and festivals. We salute anyone who has the passion and talent to create melodic and emotive dance music, and we will stand side by side with our community with our hand in the air, with our God as the DJ.