Notre Dame – Kaneba


RELEASE DATE 2021-01-01

LABEL MoBlack Records

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Notre Dame – Kaneba Review

We first heard this track on GardenState Radio with Jerome Isma-Ae. It blew us away with the quality of production, and vocals, which use this tribal sound, with the repetitive bass line and piano running throughout the track.

It creates a strong emotion in us, and thats why we included this in our February showcase.

We then went on to do some digging on Notre Dame, and discovered searching for that name creates a lot of dead ends. So here is his Instagram and Soundcloud!

We appreciate this website is called Trance Alliance, but in 2021 that trance community is a cultured bunch, with an eclectic taste, which spans many genres, with that melody key throughout, so here we are, with our first tune of the month that falls on the deeper side of trance.

Notre Dame – Kaneba Lyrics

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