Twitch Rewards

To say thank you to those who support out Twitch Channel and subscribe or gift bits, we have come up with the following rewards.

Sub Rewards

Tier 1 Tier 2Tier 3

Bit Rewards

1000 Bits 5000 Bits10000 Bits25000 bits

Tier 1

To say thank you for subscribing at Tier 1, you can now spam all those Tier 1 emotes, and avoid adverts on our channel. We really appreciate you supporting our channel.

Tier 2

Tier 2 allows you to unlock our Melodic Jukebox at any point, unless it is a recorded show. Use your Emote, and unlock the selections that are 126bpm and below. Enjoy things a little more melodic, you have the power to make this happen on our streams.

Use the reward channel point option. Unlock can be used once per stream, and lasts for 6 tracks (30 minutes)

Tier 3

Tier 3 subs have a very special option available to them, you can use your Trance Jukebox emote to unlock the Trance Jukebox at any point (unless its a recorded show). So if you want things to be a little quicker, unlock the Trance Jukebox, which goes up to 140bpm.

Use the reward channel point option. Unlock can be used once per stream, and lasts for 6 tracks (30 minutes)

1000 bit givers

You are part of the Alliance, and now you can proudly show that off, using both our Tier 1 Trance Emote and our 1000 bit Alliance emote.

5000 bit givers

Wow, did you really gift 5,000 bits, Well to say thank you, once in every stream (that isn’t being recorded), you can now rewind a track that you love. We want to reward those who share their hard earned earnings with us, and show everyone that you have the power to turn back time, well a track!

Use the reward channel point option, so Mac Neil doesn’t miss your request.

10000 bits

10000 bits is a huge amount to donate to us and to show how much we appreciate that, you get an exclusive pick in every stream (that isn’t recorded), if it is in our collection, or if we can find it on Beatport, we will try and get it into our set shortly. Show off that support with your You Pick Emote, and add this to the Jukebox Pick channel point option, so we don’t miss it.

Use the reward channel point option.

25000 bits

25,000 bits, wow, that is an INSANE amount of bits to donate to us, and this allows us to purchase new equipment, and improve our broadband to give you and others a better experience.

To say thank you, you can now mix things up in any non recorded show, and pick them theme. That may be a Genre, Record Label or Producer. So if you want an all Anjuna show, or tracks only by Oliver Smith, you decide. This lasts for 30 minutes!

Use the reward channel option to redeem your request.

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