A legendary producer who doesn’t mind changing musical direction, showing his passions for a range of styles, from Techno, Trance and more recently that 90’s sound that many of us originally fell in love with.

Genix has now released his acclaimed album 199X, which showcases his love of this 90’s sound in a fresh and modern way, Brining the 90’s Dance scene back in to all of our lives.

In 2005 Genix also achieved a Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set in history with a massive 84 hours, He then went on to set another record for highest DJ set at the Everest Base Camp.

Our most played Genix Tracks

Genix – Numb

Slusnik Luna – Sun (Genix Remix)

Social Media

Genix likes to focus on Instagram, but also has a growing community on discord.


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