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This page has everything you need for our twitch event, including media for your socials, and overlays.

We request that you do the following

Before the event:

  • Use our posters and Instagram images to help advertise your time slot, and who else is involved.
  • add the commands to your streams.

During the event:

  • Add the event Alertbox, progress bar, and ticker to your stream.
  • Add the video either as part of your main layer or as a stand-alone layer.
    • Main Layer – including the video as a tv on-screen on loop
    • stand-alone layer – every 20 minutes run the video as full screen, with your audio
  • Add commands to your stream
  • Support other streamers, and host their stream.

BPM Weekender – Because Progress Maters

Dates: 27th and 28th March 2021


Landscape Poster – Final

Download link

Portrait Poster Final

Download Link

Instagram Images

Image – Main

Image 2


Download Link


Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

Slide 4

OBS Layers

The below links can be copied in to the browser source function to add various overlays to display how the event fundraiser is progressing, live on your channel.

Progress bar: https://live.justgiving.com/pages/widgets/v1/donation-progressbar?streamerId=3a5bdf9a-66f0-46cf-8003-4c48243fd954

Alert Box: https://live.justgiving.com/streamer/w/alert-box?streamerId=3a5bdf9a-66f0-46cf-8003-4c48243fd954

Donation ticker: https://live.justgiving.com/streamer/w/donation-ticker?streamerId=3a5bdf9a-66f0-46cf-8003-4c48243fd954

Top donations: https://live.justgiving.com/streamer/w/top-donor?streamerId=3a5bdf9a-66f0-46cf-8003-4c48243fd954

Recent Donations: https://live.justgiving.com/streamer/w/recent-donor?streamerId=3a5bdf9a-66f0-46cf-8003-4c48243fd954

Twitch Commands

Before the event

!bpmweekender – Because Progress Matters Weekender starts at midnight (GMT) on the 27th March – for more details please visit https://www.trancealliance.com/bpm-weekender/

During the event

!bpmdonate – How to donate? https://www.trancealliance.com/bpm-weekender/ Raising money for Sport in Mind, using sport to improve mental health. Suggested donation: £5 (the price of a swim, or gym session).

!bpm – Because Progress Matters. The BPM Weekender celebrates music that makes our streamers happy! UK lockdown ends this weekend, and we realise the last 12 months have been hard! So help us by raising lots of money for this amazing charity, whilst enjoying the music.

!bpmschedule – For full details on the BPM Weekender schedule visit https://www.trancealliance.com/bpm-weekender/


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