Streaming Tech

CPU: I7 10700
RAM: 16Gb DDR4
GRAPHICS: GeForce® RTX™ 2060 SUPER 8Gb
MONITOR: Samsung 49″ Curved Ultra + Samsung 55inch tv

Cameras: logitech Brio (Main), Go Pro Black 7 (Deck Cam) & Streamcam (Challenge Cam).

DJ CONTROLLER: XDJ-RX3 (Previously used a DDJ1000)

Streaming Software: Streamlabs OBS
Video Quality: 1080p – 6500 bitrate
Broadband: 200mbit (400Mbps down, 40 Mbps Up)
Music Visualiser: Kauna & Synesthesia
Media: Created by Mac Neil

Lights are controlled via Lumia Stream using smart bulbs and plugs via Smart life.

Channel Rules

Please be respectful and considerate to one another.
• No swearing, don’t be offended if the Auto Mod deletes your message
• Links can only be shared by Mods. So please join our discord for sharing links, promo, etc.
• Avoid topics which are divisive such as religion and politics
• Don’t post anyone’s personal information without permission.

Enjoy being part of the Alliance…